Wholesale professional cosmetics

Our Mission

Our mission is to strive for more and greater professionalism.
We wish the best to understand and meet the needs of our customers.
We do this by constantly working on improving the quality of services and improve our skills. We want to build a business together with our customers relying
on mutual trust and measurable benefits. We believe that the success of the company stand all our employees, because mutual respect is the most important for us. We intend to be a company, which is the most prized and associated only with success and customer satisfaction.
We want to attract and hold their special people.
We try to be synonymous with professionalism and confidence, providing customers the convenience and security.

Our Vision

Given our achievements, we look positively
in the future. Our brand built through hard work, new challenges
and investment in knowledge and development. We try to follow the changes, to understand our customers’ needs
and meet their demands. We build lasting and partnership relations with our employees, so that we contribute to our success.
Our goal is to meet people’s needs in a fast, professional and relaxed atmosphere.


How to start working with us?

1. Fill out the form, please email or call us
2. You will receive your login details and insight
     into our products and prices
3. Get the goods and agree on delivery Us
4. Expect delivery



DLM Sp. z o.o.
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52-200 Suchy Dwór
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+48 502 395 094
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