We conduct training in different parts of the country.

We pride ourselves on our Kallos Academy and School of Renée Blanche. Both were originally designed barbers about looking for the best quality products at competitive prices. Our trainers are experienced hairdressers and experts in his field.

Each of the participants receives a certificate and a small gift.

If interested, please contact us.

our trainers


Hairdresser, stylist, working in the profession for 12 years. It has its own hair salon. Experience gained during various training courses and when working with clients. He provides training in the Academy Kallos.

Rudy D’Amico reigns in the world of hairdressing for 25 years. He is an artist with unparalleled technique and charisma. This unusual combination made it gained international fame. During his seminars conducted by each member of the plague is his passion for the world of fashion, color, and encouraged the search for new cuts. It directs the belief that teamwork generates a van. Cooperation with Renée Blanche began in 2014.

Robert Wypych leading hair salons popular among the customers from all over Lower Silesia. Successful in industry competitions in Poland and abroad. During his seminars conducted by each participant will have the possibility of taking a look at the technique to create simple and elegant hairstyles, listen to advice and professional guidance. Stylist appreciates simple, geometric cuts for women, men and modern and relevant styling. In 2016 he started working with Renée Blanche.

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Renée Blanche – Konin 2016
Renée Blanche – Wrocław 2016
Renée Blanche – Sieradz 2016
Renée Blanche – Leszno 2016
Renée Blanche – Kraków 2016
 Bielenda – Suchy Dwór 2016
 Renée Blanche – Katowice 2015
Indola – Suchy Dwór 2014
 Renée Blanche – Kraków 2014
 Renée Blanche – Suchy Dwór 2014
Kallos – Kołobrzeg 2014