About Us

DLM Ltd. has been operating in the professional cosmetics market since 2009. From the very beginning, we focus on high quality service and attractiveness of the offered products. In 2023, in response to the dynamically developing situation on the Polish and foreign markets, we changed the scope of our activity from distribution to production.

To ensure the highest quality products, we have created and equipped a professional laboratory with an R&D department headed by a qualified and experienced technologist. Meanwhile, the visual design of brands and their promotion is supervised by a creative marketing and design department. Thanks to the control of the entire process of product creation – from the design of the label, packaging, through the creation of a unique recipe, production and confection of the mass – we are able to ensure the high quality of the finished product at an attractive price.

Our cooperation with suppliers of high-quality raw materials allows us to offer you a wide range of products and expand it with new innovations. We strive to constantly improve our processes, create modern solutions and follow trends in the cosmetics market. In support of our words, we can boast the presence of our brand in more than 40 countries and the production of many private labels, both for our Polish and foreign clients.

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